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Who we are?
Ice Skating Rink ISR™ is an integral part of the Very N'ice S.L.
Spanish company formed since 2006 by professionals all from the most important companies of ice rinks of Spain and Europe. In May 2008, opens its subsidiary in Argentina, Hielo y Eventos S.R.L. targeting the market of MERCOSUR in particular and Latin America in general. In November 2008, opens its subsidiary in Bulgaria In 2015 moves its headquarters to the Principality of Andorra, with a geopolitical location of privilege in addition to the enormous tax advantages that brings to all its European customers.
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Looking for a partner to help you build an ice rink? You’ve come to the right place at Ice Skating Rink ISR™. Why go to a skating rink hire when you can rent or buy a rink directly from the ice rink manufacturer?
What we do?
Since 2006, we're specialized on the production, rental and sales of permanent and portable ice rinks. Ice Skating Rink ISR™ provides its technical and commercial expertise to help its customers by helping them throughout the process, from the choice of the best location, orientation and planning of the facility to both mobile and permanent ice rinks!
Our ice skating rinks are quite different, we use our own unique ice system which has been specifically designed for its rapid deployment and quick freezing properties. Our exclusive freezing system is completely different from all the world's offerings so far. There are no parts or pipes outside the ice rink, making the whole area usable. They are perfectly thermally insulated from the surface of the ground or cement floor. We use the latest ice rink technology, all this gives you energy savings of at least 35%.

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Our Mission
* Absolutely covering all details, both technical and operational, with special emphasis on safety and fun of users, allowing us to guarantee an undoubted success all events.
* We put our expertise at your disposal, both technical and commercial. From choosing the best place, guidance and planning your installation both fixed and mobile, until everything that is related to the commercial development of your rink.
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Our Products


Our design team can provide a complete “turnkey solution” for new construction and renovation of permanent or mobile skating rinks. We have a great variety of proposals for your project: from the design of your ice rink, through design stages, development, manufacture and assembly. Always considering your objectives and of course your budget. Even if your dream is a rounded ice rink.
We can always offer you a competitive price!
If what you need is a temporary ice skating events, we guarantee you the best results for a record time! Ice Skating Rink ISR™ can provide the whole equipment necessary for every installation.
For all of our solutions we provide Consulting, Installation and Support services.
Purchase a ice skating rink and launch a year round entertainment business now!
Our turnkey options ensure we provide an all-encompassing service making your rink a success from the beginning. We also provide several exclusive services made possible by our wide range of leading technical experts and professionals.
Do not be fooled by cheap prices and tricky offers. Invest in a proven and trusted product!
Portable Ice Slides are one of the most exciting and cutting edge entertainment attractions on the market today. Ice slides are portable in nature and can be purchased or rented. Ice Skating Rink ISR™ provides a complete “turnkey solution” refrigerated ice slide for cool family fun!

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